Lv45. Triatio Highlands

You decided to head to the Triatio Highlands to search for clues to the Shadow Knight's whereabouts. The teleportation device begind Darcy will take you directly there.

Teleport to the Triatio Highlands and meet with Squad Leader Robinson there.

Completion Condition
Report to: Squad Leader Robinson
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Ready to head to the highlands, then? Our team currently stationed there is spearheaded by Squad Leader Robinson; you'll work with him on dealing with the issues that have cropped up in the Shadow Knight's wake."
"As per Robinson's report, the highland's hunters aren't keen on cooperating with us. As our team isn't familiar with the terrain or the local wildlife, it's not easy to gather information on these strange giant creatures that have appeared."
"You should meet with Robinson first; he'll be able to tell you the way you can best assist him. Currently, he and his team are stationed out of the Hunters' Mountain Village out in the Triatio Highlands."
"No need for a long journey, though; you can make a straight shot to the highlands via that teleporter nearby."

In ProgressEdit



Completing the QuestEdit


When you run into Robinson, you see him arguing with someone. Though it seems like he's keeping his rage in check, his voice grows louder with every retort.


"Look. I understand it isn't easy for you, but we ALL want to protect the village, right?" The man Robinson is arguing with seems to be Dallan, the village chief.


"That is correct, but I cannot agree with your soldiers' methods. Your ways are different from ours, and we don't have the time to take care of you."
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