Lv46. Barbecue

Aiden noticed that everyone is tired and hungry, so he's requested that you hunt some oxen for a nice meal.

Hunt Horned Oxen and Highland Horned Oxen around the New Moon Hunting Grounds and bring back some Beef Chuck and Beef Tenderloin.

Completion Condition
Defeat Horned Ox to get Beef Chuck. 0/3
Defeat Highland Horned Ox to get Beef Tenderloin. 0/3
Report to: Group Hunter Aiden
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Everyone is hard at work trying to make the reagent, aren't they?" Aiden smiles as he watches his fellow villagers work.
"They're so busy and focused that they don't even realize they haven't eaten since early this morning! Typical men of our village - never complaining, even if they're hungry." Aiden continues to watch the hunters and then turns his attention to you.
"Well, we can't let them go hungry, can we? I'd like to cook us up a nice meal for our men here. Would you be willing to help out, <Envoy>?"


You nod. The hunters are beginning to look a bit weary, maybe a good meal would help them recover.


"Excellent! I will be needing some meat from the oxen roaming in the fields. You have experience in hunting them, yes? Bring back some beef chuck and tenderloin. Those'll make a nice meal for us all." In case you weren't sure which is which, Aiden motions to the parts of the body these cuts of beef come from.

In ProgressEdit


"Hunting the oxen looks simple, but their horns are quite dangerous! Proceed with caution, lest you meet with the wrath of an angry oxen."

Completing the QuestEdit


You hand all the meat you've collected to Aiden.


"Hah! Did you see the looks on their faces? Looking at that meat like starved animals! They can hardly even focus on their work anymore with the prospect of food coming up!"
Aiden laughs while other Hunters seem embarrassed. They lower their heads and try to get back to work.
"If not for you, who knows how long these silly hunters would go hungry! They're too busy to say it right now, but we all thank you for your help with hunting. I'll prepare some nice dishes from this beef. Comin' right up!"
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