Lv48. Stone Hammer Disarmament

You have decided to join forces with Tanner in order to take down the Stone Hammer Tribe and acquire the information you seek about the magic barrier. Your first order of duty is to sneak into the Tribe's land and destroy all the mineral boxes containing the ore they use.

Destroy Stone Hammer Mineral Boxes located around the Stone Hammer Tribe.

Completion Condition
Defeat Stone Hammer Mineral Box. 0/14
Report to: Hunting Band Leader Tanner Jones
Quest Reward
157360 EXP265 Silver8 Tokens

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Accepting the Quest[edit | edit source]


"Ah ha! You're the <Envoy> I keep hearing about! You've gained quite a following back in the village - every hunter keeps talking about your good deeds. I hear that without your help, an entire team of hunters would have met their doom! Good work, <Envoy>!" Tanner pats you on the back with a thankful smile on his face.
"I'm glad that you've made your way out here, %n%, the situation here is getting grim. I think you've heard about this, but the Giants definitely have some strange new weapon on their side. It seems to give them quite a boost in power."
"Let's work together on this, shall we? You, use your superb fighting skills to take out these Giants, while I do what I can to find the answers you seek."


After careful thought, you agree that working together will be the best decision for both of you. With more people on your side who are familiar with the Giants, you'll certainly be able to uncover some information.


"Here's the first order of business. We'll destroy the materials the Stone Hammer Tribe have been using to manufacture these powerful weapons."
"<Envoy>, you should have no trouble with this, right? Show me these legendary skills I keep hearing about!"

In Progress[edit | edit source]


"Thanks for offering to help. I know that you and the other hunters discovered my brother Roger's message...But I'm still worried about him. We still haven't heard from him since..." Tanner sighs.

Completing the Quest[edit | edit source]


Having returned from smashing the ore used by the Stone Hammer Tribe to craft weapons, you tell Tanner of your successful operation.


"You really are quite an unstoppable force, just like the rumors say! With you on our side, I think we just might be able to end this war soon." With such praise, Tanner seems to already consider you a trustworthy ally.
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