Lv48. To the Bat Sack!

Mia wants to use the whistles you collected to control the Vampire Bats so she can strike back with them. So, she asks you to capture some of them.

Use the Cloth Bag to capture the Corpser Vampire Bats when they are weak.

Completion Condition
Collect Bagged Bats. 0/3
Report to: <Right-Wing Butterfly> Mia
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"We should use this opportunity to capture some bats."


You ask her how she expects you to capture them.


"Remember those whistles I had you get? The bandits use those to control the bats!"
"We're gonna beat them at their own game."
"Take a Cloth Bag with you and capture some of the bats. With some time, I'll be able to have them attacking the camp."

In ProgressEdit


"Capture some bats and bring them to me. I'll work out how to send them back to play."

Completing the QuestEdit


You wrestle the captured bats over to Mia.


"These poor little bats. What they've been through... There is no way we'll be able to release them into the wild."
Mia takes the whistle and plays several notes. The bag quiets down almost instantly.
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