Lv48. Work Exchange

While Rachel does her best to oversee the manufacture of blowdarts, she could really use your help in obtaining food for her fellow hunters. She suggests an exchange of work: she'll finish the blowdarts while you procure the food.

Hunt some Shaggy Oxen outside the Ancient Lair, and bring Rachel some Shaggy Ox Meat.

Completion Condition
Defeat Shaggy Ox to get Shaggy Ox Meat. 0/7
Report to: Group Hunter Rachel
Quest Reward
Select Item:
Armorreinforcementscroll Weaponreinforcementscroll


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Everyone is still working on their blow darts, so I can't leave for now. Do you think you can help me with something?"


You tell Rachel that you promise to help out, as she is helping you.


"While I stay and monitor the manufacture of the blow darts, I could really use your help in hunting. I was in the region to hunt for our village when I got stopped by these soldiers."
"A herd of Shaggy Oxen is nearby that I planned to hunt in order to replenish our food supply for the next few days. But now I'm pretty occupied with helping these soldiers..."
"While I continue to oversee these soldiers, do you think you can hunt some of the oxen? I don't want my fellow hunters to go hungry while doing battle with the Giants."

In ProgressEdit


"<Envoy>, have you gone hunting yet? The blow darts will be ready soon. I hope you haven't forgotten your promise!"

Completing the QuestEdit


You hand Rachel the Shaggy Ox Meat that you've successfully hunted and her eyes light up with joy.


"Are you certain you're not secretly a hunter, <Envoy>? This beef looks excellent! And you've gotten way more than I ever expected!"
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