Lv49. Attacking the Armory

Tanner intends to disarm the Stone Hammer Giants so that they are less of a threat without their super-powered weapons. Teaming up with the hunters, you will work together to steal as many weapons as possible.

Steal as many Axes of Giants and Staves of Sorcery as you can from the Stone Hammer Fighters and Sorcerers.

Completion Condition
Defeat Stone Hammer Fighter to get Axe of Giants. 0/3
Defeat Stone Hammer Sorcerer to get Staff of Sorcery. 0/3
Report to: Hunting Band Leader Tanner Jones
Quest Reward
168185 EXP270 Silver
5 Refined HP Potions

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Accepting the Quest[edit | edit source]


"The war between Hunter and Giant has persisted for many generations. Not only have we suffered casualties, but the destruction of whole families."
"Since I became a leader amongst the Hunters, I have sought out peace with the Giant Chief. The thing about Giants is...even the thought of peace is like surrender. And for the Giants, well, surrender is not in their nature..."
"It seems that if we ever want to negotiate hunting rights, we'll have to outright defeat the Giants, no matter what. It's the only way to get through to the Chief, sadly."
"We both know that if we want to succeed against the Giants, we must first deal with these strange weapons. Otherwise, we'll just be beaten into submission, no matter how cunning a plan we hatch."
"I have ordered my team to steal all the Giants' weapons that they can. Please join us, <Envoy>, I don't think we will ever succeed without you..."

In Progress[edit | edit source]


"I hope we can put an end to this meaningless war soon. I wish that our future generations will be free from all this struggle."

Completing the Quest[edit | edit source]


In a huge pile before Tanner, you display with pride the large quantity of weapons you have stolen from the Giants. The other hunters all gather around in awe.


"You've dealt the Giants a critical blow with this, <Envoy>!"

Elite Hunter

"Who IS that?! A new hunter? The Giants seemed to be no match at all!"
"This hunter...looks a little bit like the one everyone has been talking about..."


Your keen senses pick up the whispering amongst the other hunters and your face reddens slightly.


Tanner quickly realizes what is going on and smiles gleefully at you.
"Everybody, stop your yammering! This is the %s% sent to us from Navea, <Envoy>! The one who single handedly disarmed the Stone Hammer Tribe!"
"Look at the Giants! They've not only lost their weapons, but their morale as well! Their vanguard unit has completely collapsed into chaos. Brave hunters! Catch your breath, for soon we strike!"
After Tanner's loud speech, several hunters stand and salute you. Tanner turns to look at you with a proud smile upon his face.
"<Envoy>, you have done much for us. Now it's my turn to help you."
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