Lv49. Lucas's Discovery

Lucas may have found some clues about the Unicorn contamination while exploring the Awlstone Forest. Unfortunately, with his notes gone and the Stone Forest Turtles blocking the way, no further progress has been made. As such, Archie has asked you to take care of the Stone Forest Turtles.

Defeat the Stone Forest Turtles in the Awlstone Forest.

Completion Condition
Defeat Stone Forest Turtle. 0/14
Report to: Ecological Researcher Archie
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"If we could get hold of Lucas' report, it may be able to shed some light on the Unicorn contamination."


You ask Archie why he believes Lucas has discovered the reason for the marsh mutation.


"He risked his life to go into Jagged Stone Forest. And on his return, he told us that he had found something out about the mutations. But, saying that he needed more information, he promised to report back to us when he knew more."
"Apparently, when his body was discovered, nothing was found on the corpse - even his notebook had disappeared."
"After Lucas went missing, we tried to get into Jagged Stone Forest, but we were attacked by Stone Forest Turtles."


You tell Archie that you are willing to deal with the turtles and clear a path for them.

In ProgressEdit


"Please go get rid of the Turtles in the Awlstone Forest. If we can safely explore, maybe we'll be able to learn what Lucas did!"

Completing the QuestEdit


"Have you gotten rid of those turtles?"


You tell Archie that you took care of the Stone Forest Turtles.


"All of them? Really? Thank you! I'll get an investigative team together right away!"


"Are you serious? We agreed to leave after you finished with the Unicorns!" Brennan frowns, annoyed.
"<Envoy>, you've got to stop them. I don't care if you've taken care of the turtles, our mission is to get these researchers out of here!"
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