Lv50. Clearing the Cave

In order to investigate what is happening at the Candeo Core, Jalen asks you to get rid of the turtles in the area, then install a scanner to collect data.

Get rid of the Bayou Turtles near the entrance of the Candeo Core, then install the scanner.

Completion Condition
Collect Scanning Data. 0/1
Defeat Bayou Turtle. 0/14
Report to: Church Scholar Jalen
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"There aren't any past records of them leaving the Candeo Core. Something must have changed that drove them out."
"Hmm, well... The Candeo Core is southwest of the Sarpa Abyss. Could that be connected somehow? Oswald has told me that, when they were searching for Lucas, their investigations were hindered by turtles outside the Sarpa Abyss."
"I doubt those creatures will be able to stop you, though..." Jalen hands you a device.


You ask what Jalen is getting at and what the machine is for.


"If you could install this scanner at the entrance to the Sarpa Abyss, we can use it to obtain data about recent changes to the environment. Unfortunately, to keep the machine safe, you'll need to chase the turtles away."

In ProgressEdit


"Head to the Sarpa Abyss with the machine. Once you've got it in place, use it to gather environmental data."

Completing the QuestEdit


You chase the turtles away, then get the report from the machine. You pass all the data along to Jalen.


"So you managed to get the data? Let me see it." Jalen looks the figures over intently.
"Hmm... If this data is right, Sarpa activity near the Sarpa Abyss has increased."
"The Sarpa used to stay confined to the Candeo Core, but now they're coming out en masse! Without question, something is changing in that marsh."
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