Lv50. Roaring Roadblocks

Despite Juno's protests, Roger insists that he wants to return to the village while his pain is still under control. The route back to town is dangerous, so you offer to clear away all the aggressive beasts along the northern path. When the coast is clear, Juno will help Roger get back to town.

Drive off all the Mountain Dimetrodons along the northern path so that Juno and Roger can safely return to the village.

Completion Condition
Defeat Mountain Dimetrodon. 0/14
Report to: <Left-Wing Butterfly> Maya
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Juno, I think I'm feeling well enough to travel. While my pain is not too bad, let's try to head back to the village quickly." Roger, still under the pain-numbing effects of the Cold Mucus, seems to feel ready to return.


"But, Roger! You can barely even walk right now. The path home is crawling with ferocious Dimetrodons, there's no way we can make it back in one piece! And there's also the..." Juno looks nervously in the direction of the dark forest.


"Have you so quickly forgotten our partner here?" Roger smiles at you. "<Envoy> can go on ahead and make the way safe for us. I'm not worried in the slightest!"


You nod to Roger and tell Juno that it'll be no problem for you to clear the Dimetrodons out of the way.


"We're ready whenever you are, <Envoy>. Just say the word and we'll hit the road."

In ProgressEdit


"Mmm, looks like another stranger is coming my way again. What's that? You know these people? Speak, or do you wish to face the wrath of Left-Wing Butterfly Maya?" At her feet, Avians lay on the ground dying.

Completing the QuestEdit


A bewitching figure gracefully floats in the air before you. Is this the ghost Juno and Roger had seen? She slowly descends to the ground.


"Oh, I know! You're the one poking around Deep's Cavern. Has your quest brought you to me?" Maya smiles at looks directly at you, her eyes piercing into the depths of your soul.


You are completely stunned by this strange woman...
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