Lv50. Ruins Defense Reward

Enter 'Lv50. Subterranean Ruins' to stop the Varan Bandits.

Attention: You can only protect the ruins once per day. Be sure to choose the appropiate quest level for your skills!

Completion Condition
Stop Varan from destroying the ruins! 0/1
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Because the remains of the ruins have been scattered widely, we devided the area into three seperate locations before we began our reconstruction."
"However, the Varan Bandits just won't leave us alone, so we had to stop working at all three locations. We need you to defend against those bandits, or we'll never finish our repairs!"
"You can choose whichever location you prefer. Make your choice, and use the Teleport Device to enter the ruins."
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