Lv52. Bloody Business

As mush as Analisa would like to solve the problem through talking, Odum insists that a peaceful negotiation will not happen without a test of strength to earn the Silverflash Tribe's respect. It is decided that you will show the Silverflash your might.

Defeat the Silverflash Warriors and Fighters inside Krok Village.

Completion Condition
Defeat Silverflash Warrior. 0/8
Defeat Silverflash Fighter. 0/8
Report to: Knight Blacksmith Analisa
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"If the Silverflash Tribe just wants the water, I think we can work out a deal to let them use it. I would like to end this quarrel peacefully."


You relay to Analisa that the fortress guards who witnessed the incident reported that the fleeing villagers of Krok Village were not pursued or hurt by the Silverflash Tribe.

Odum Ryan

"A peaceful solution would be the best, of course, but they just don't listen. I told them I didn't want trouble the last time I met with them, and they attacked me anyway!"
"It seems they only respect strength, which is something I also understand. We should attack them with all our might, to prove ourselves! Only then will they open themselves to us."


"I think Odum has a point there. We will communicate in their language of strength! Alright! Here's our battle plan: You go defeat the Silverflash Warriors and Fighters first, then Odum will go and negotiate with their leader."

In ProgressEdit


"Prove your strength and defeat the Silverflash Warriors and Fighters. Hopefully that'll earn their respect and give us the opportunity to negotiate."

Completing the QuestEdit


Having defeated many skilled Warriors and Fighters in battle, you return to Analisa.


"Excellent work! I think we've earned their respect, just like we've planned."
"I have to admit, I wasn't sure about this plan; it seemed like a recipe for chaos! Luckily, the Silverflash Tribe is retreating. Now's our chance! We must start the negotiation process soon, lest they regroup and attack!"
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