Lv52. Earth Guards

Analisa noticed a small amount of magical power on the stones, so she asked you to bring her some Earth Guard Fragments to research.

Defeat the Earth Guards inside Krok Village and collect their fragments.

Completion Condition
Defeat Earth Guard to get Earth Guard Fragment.
Report to: Knight Blacksmith Analisa
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"I mainly came out here help the Church transport the Electromagnetic Turret to the fortress."
"On the side, though, I was investigating the claims that the forest's natural energy seemed to be decreasing."


You've noticed the same thing, but don't know what's causing it.


"These stones you brought seem to have had their energy enhanced by some sort of spell. I know I've seen magic like this somewhere before..."
"<Envoy>, there are a lot of Earth Guards near the entrance, right? Can you get me some stone pieces from them? I've got an idea."

In ProgressEdit


"If you could get me some Earth Guard Fragments, I'll at least know if I'm barking up the wrong tree."

Completing the QuestEdit


You give the Earth Guard Fragments to Analisa.


"Yep, like I suspected. Can you see how similar the stones and these fragments are?"

Odum Ryan

"Does that mean they're using the Fulcheth Forest Stones to summon the Earth Guards? Some of our tribe's witches possessed a similar ability."


"It's possible, but we need a little more information to prove it. I really need my tools..."
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