Lv52. Sorcery Totem

Analisa suspects that some of the Varan will be carrying totems, so she asked you to collect any you could find.

Get the Sorcery Totems from the Silverflash Patrolmen inside Krok Village.

Completion Condition
Defeat Silverflash Patrolman to get Sorcery Totem. 0/8
Report to: Knight Blacksmith Analisa
Quest Reward
Select Item:
Armorreinforcementscroll Weaponreinforcementscroll


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Could you take care of something for me?"
"If my guess is right, some of the Varan should have totems on them. I need to see them."
"If you find totems on any of them, just bring them back to me."

In ProgressEdit


"If you find any totems on those Silverflash Patrolmen, bring them back."

Completing the QuestEdit


You give the totems to Analisa.


"Like I thought: these totems are being used to create the Earth Guards. This isn't an uncommon type of magic."
"So, the Earth Guards are being made from the stones in the Fulcheth Forest. The northern part of the Fulcheth Forest is one of the last areas in the Oblitus Wood that still have energy left."
"Using magic to summon elementals..." Analisa looks doubtful as she speaks.

Odum Ryan

"What's wrong?"


"Summoning the Earth Guards is a lot of effort to protect a village like this..."


You ask Analisa what she means. Odum wants to know, as well.


"This invasion clearly isn't on a whim. They've invested a lot into taking this village and keeping it."
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