Lv52. The Silverflash's Secret

In order to ascertain the exact connections between the stones and the Earth Guards, Analisa asked you to head to Krok Village to fetch her tools and check on the Varan.

Go to Krok Village, fetch Analisa's Toolkit, and check on the Varan.

Completion Condition
Enter Oblitus Wood's Near the Pool in Krok Village (X: 151, Y: 244)
Enter Oblitus Wood's Deep inside Krok Village (X: 202, Y: 206)
Find Analisa's Toolkit 0/1
Report to: Knight Blacksmith Analisa
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Without my tools, I can only eyeball things. I need them to learn anything more specific."
"Problem is that my tools are still in Krok Village. I was more worried about the villagers and the kids, so I kind of forgot about them."
"<Envoy>, can you get my Toolkit? We can also use this as an opportunity to survey Krok Village."


Sneak into Krok Village, find Analisa's Toolkit, and survey the village... You're pretty sure you can handle that yourself.

Odum Ryan

"Don't worry, <Envoy>. I'll continue guarding the area."

In ProgressEdit


"We have to find out what the Silverflash Tribe is up to. Once we know that, we can figure out how to disrupt their plans."

Completing the QuestEdit


You give Analisa her toolkit.


"Ah! I felt so naked without these! Now I can get some real work done!"
"So, did you notice anything strange in the village?" Analisa continues the conversation while she examines the stones and fragments.


You tell Analisa about the Silverflash Tribe's deployment inside the village, as well as the heavily guarded building and the pool inside the village.


"The heavily guarded building is probably where their chief is. But the pool..." Analisa frowns.
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