Lv53. Forward Thinking

Quartermaster Lawrence has asked you to collect Robot Scaps as you will be destroying as many as you can for Fortress Commander Carrick. With these, he can craft new equipment for future battles.

Collect Robot Scraps from the Cargobots.

Completion Condition
Defeat Cargobot to get Robot Scraps. 0/8
Report to: Quartermaster Lawrence
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"The commander must really trust you, huh? Hopefully he's not wrong. Since you're here to handle the robots anyway, perhaps you can make yourself doubly useful."
"While you're out there clashing with our enemies, could you also do me a favor? Our metal supplies are low, and I could really use some of those Robot Scraps for the forge."
"With those scraps, I'll be churning out new weapons and armors left and right! I need to get started with their preparation now, in case the war against The Shadow Knight does indeed begin."

In ProgressEdit


"I can use as many Robot Scraps as you can carry, <Envoy>! I need to get starting on the new equipment soon."

Completing the QuestEdit


You hand all the Robot Scraps that you've collected over to Lawrence.


"Wow, quite the haul you've got there. And of high quality to boot! The metals are slightly impure, but once treated properly they will make the finest equipment around."
"While you were gone, it seems the Commander has been recalling all active duty soldiers, except for the ones at the Barren Well, of course."


Obviously something is afoot, you ask Lawrence if he has any information.


"There has yet to be a direct order, but everyone already knows that we are going to start drilling for the battle against The Shadow Knight's demon army..."
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