Lv53. The Terminator

The Electromagnetic Turret has been fully charged. You decided to take charge and operate the machine in order to put an end to the relentless attacks.

Operate the Electromagnetic Turret to defeat the attacking robots.

Completion Condition
Defeat Destroyer Mk.II. 0/1
Report to: Soldier Squad Leader Walker
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Technician, what's the status of the Turret?"
"Reportin' for duty, Squad Leader. The Electromagnetic Turret is nearly primed for action, however...."
"'However'?! Out with it, soldier!"


"I'm still trying to squeeze every last ounce of power into the machine, the Turret's last charging cartridge is still bein' modified for max power! We're givin' 'er all she's got, captain!"
"And another thing! Our Turret Operator has also suffered terribly from the 'bots out there. We have no one else to operate the darn thing!"


"What!? Can't you do it?!"


"I can, sir, yes, but I'm also the only one who can override the chargin' cartridge's safety and prime the machine for maximum power! If I don't, the electromagnetic blasts simply won't have what it takes to knock out the larger 'bots!"


"<Envoy>! Didn't you learn about this Dwarven technology at Cactakara Forest? You handled everything there like a pro! I bet you can figure out how to operate this thing too!" <Eidolon> whispers to you in a low yet excited voice after inspecting the machine.


Time to take charge! You tell Walker that you can operate the Electromagnetic Turret, you just need a moment to inspect the controls.


"To the rescue again, <Envoy>...? We're all counting on you! Set the machine for maximum power, Technician... Engage!"

In ProgressEdit


"Are you ready to make some noise?!"

Completing the QuestEdit


"<Envoy>, have you done this before? You looked like a pro on that thing!"
"Hoo! They weren't kidding when they said this thing packed a punch! It's destroyed most of the Robots with ease. I can't believe I doubted the Church's machine. Never again!"
"It appears that the crisis here has been lifted, for now, but if we don't stop those Dwarves from making more robots...we will be in the same awful situation very soon."
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