Lv54. Starving Sasquacks

The Grassland Sasquacks are wreaking havoc upon the fields and stealing sorely needed crops. Dolan hopes you can help get the crops back.

Retrieve the crops from Grasslands Sasquacks outside the village.

Completion Condition
Defeat Grasslands Sasquack to get Stolen Food. 0/8
Report to: Tafay Elder Dolan
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Our farmers are reporting Grasslands Sasquacks tearing up their crops and destroying the fields."
"Our supplies will run out soon if we don't get those pests under control."
"It's your lucky day, you can continue to take the place of our destroyed robots! Get out to the farmlands, defeat the Grassland Sasquacks, and bring back any crops they were carrying off."

In ProgressEdit


"We'll be eaten out of house and home if you don't take care of the Grassland Sasquacks. Please, retrieve the crops they've taken!"

Completing the QuestEdit


Dolan smiles as you approach.


Just as you were about to hand the crops you recovered for the Village Elder, greedy little Beebis snatches up a bunch, runs off towards Dolan, and starts eating heartily.


You and <Eidolon> both rush up to Beebis and try to stop it.


"Ehh, just let it eat, this little fellow looks like it's hungry too. Anyway, you brought back enough crops to last us for quite a long time!" Dolan let out a laugh at the ostrich's antics, then looked away, sighing.
"I just hope that we can rectify our robot problem on our farmland before we do finish off this food. Our fields have been occupied by out of control robots for quite a while now."
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