Lv55. Disturbing Demonstration

To prove that the energy is corrupt, Alvin asked you to activate a small robot being powered by this Unstable Energy source in the center of camp.

After activating the Unstable Robot in the camp of Ghostweep Ruins, use the Resistor to deactivate the robot.

Completion Condition
Cause a Ruckus 0/1
Report to: Tafay Militiaman Shaine
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"Rather than explain to everyone how dangerous this energy is, I think we should hold a simple demonstration instead."
Alvin sets before you a small robot and it slumps to the ground, clearly very low on energy.
Alvin opens the energy compartment, installs one of the small unstable energy samples, and takes a few steps back. "Wait for it..."


The Robot suddenly springs to life, dashing around wildly and acting quite out of control.


The sudden motion causes you to jump in shock! Even though you expected it would happen, the little crazy thing gave you quite a start.


"Heh. Don't worry! This little guy looks wild enough, but he has no offensive capability. He's basically just a child's toy." Alvin catches the small robot and powers it down.
"I've powered this small robot with the Unstable Energy sample. Bring this to the center of camp and activate it so that all may see. It'll be quite a show!"
"The robot will start going out of control shortly after activation, as I've just demonstrated. Just use this Resistor to make it stop once everyone is thoroughly convinced."

In ProgressEdit


"What do you want? Don't you see we're busy? Get out of here, Outlander, don't pester us in our business!"

Completing the QuestEdit


"What just happened? Where did that horrible little robot go?!" The Militiaman sounds quite frightened by the small rampaging robot.


You tell Shaine that Alvin has been researching the new energy supply and discovered that this is how the energy they've been gathering reacts when used in their robots.


"Wow, it really is as bad as the villagers have been saying. Now that we've all seen it with our own eyes, there's no way we can deny what Alvin and the others say. We've received many complaints and worries, but the Chief completely disregarded them!"
"If the energy here is that dangerous, we should head back to the safety of the village. I'll spread the news about this and advise everyone to head on home."
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