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Lv55. Withered Oblitus Wood

Shaine told you that Alvin has discovered something interesting about the crystals you found and suggested that you go talk to him.

Talk to the Energy Inspector, Alvin.

Completion Condition
Report to: Energy Inspector Alvin
Quest Reward
234720 EXP342 Silver


Accepting the Quest[]


"My past experiences have never covered something like this - this whole situation is way over my head." Shaine, while worried, sounds slightly less panicked.
"I don't know what else to do for our Chief...I should lead the others back now and report to the Elder. I wish I didn't have to leave him, but it's just too dangerous in that cave."
"After I apprise the other militia leaders of the situation, we're going to head back to Tafay Village to ask the Elder what we should do about next."
"Oh yea, I almost forgot! Alvin told me to let you know that he's discovered something peculiar about those crystals. You should go see what he has to say about them."

In Progress[]



Completing the Quest[]


"Oh, There you are! I've been looking all over for you. I discovered some critical information about these crystals, and I thought you should know as soon as possible."
"The energy on the crystals is reminiscent of Life Energy, but it looks like it has been corrupted in some way. If I guess correctly, those zombies are what is draining the Oblitus Wood of its vitality, in a similar way that we Dwarves also draw our life force from the spirit of the forest."


You realize that, like an Envoy draws in the Power of Gaia to produce an Eidolon, so to do the Dwarves absorb the essence of nature, perhaps fueling their great skill with machinery. For some reason, this connection gives you a bad feeling...


"You see, the zombies absorb the forest's Life Energy, sapping it directly out of Oblitus Wood. This is what is causing it to wither and decay. This unusual energy we see here is emitted from these zombies after they absorb the pure Life Energy."


By now you are familiar with the strange, powerful energy tingling in the air, and gasp as you realize there must be many more powerful zombies hidden in the depths of the Ghostweep Cave.