Lv60. Card Battler

Go to Navea and speak with Simon to learn more about Card Duels.

Completion Condition
Quest Reward
Novice Starter Card Deck Series


Accepting the QuestEdit


Your travels proceed swimmingly. As you're strolling along, enjoying the warm sunlight, someone stops you.


"Adventurer, please wait." A boy stops you politely.


You stop in your tracks, and ask him what's wrong.


"Have you heard of something called Card Duel? It's all the rage now." The Boy grins excitedly.
"We're busy promoting it, hoping more people will join the game."
"You look like quite the adventurer. I think you'd do very well." comments the boy, removing an invitation from his knapsack.
"Please take this to Navea, and find a boy named Simon. He'll tell you everything there is to know about Card Duel."
"Well then, I'll continue the tour. Please go to Navea, and find Simon." The boy bows to you with a respectful smile.


Upon reading over the invitation, you decide to head to Navea. What could go wrong, right?

Finishing the QuestEdit


You give the card to the boy, inquiring about the Card Duel.


"You're the famous <insert Envoy's name>, no? I didn't realize you'd recieved the limited edition invitation. It's our pleasure to welcome you."
"Please accept these cards as a gift for joining our grand game. Use them to start your Card Duel journey."
"Next, let me explain to you how the Card Duel works."
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