Lv60. Harbinger of War

Just as the feeling something bad might happen creeps into your psyche, Gus appears on order of Belenus, the Grand Bishop, to deliver a message.

Judging by the anxiety in Gus's eyes, you figure you'll have to return to Navea as soon as possible.

Completion Condition
Reached Level 60.
Report to: Grand Bishop Belenus
Quest Reward
Gram's Transformed Orb


Accepting the QuestEdit


Suddenly, you feel a prickling sensation on the back of your neck. Even <Insert starter Eidolon's name> can tell something odd is happening.
"Master, what troubles you? Do you need to talk?" <Eidolon> looks at you with concern.
You shake your head, not uttering a word, but the feeling of agitation and unease creep in your mind again.


"Wow... <Insert Envoy's name> stop right there... wait for me!"'
Gus catches up with you, gasping and out of breath.
"I found you at last! The Grand Bishop wants me to bring you an extremely important message."
Gus pauses to catch his breath, then continues.
"After countless hours of preperations, the Templars and the Alliance Army will launch an attack on the regions currently occupied by the Shadow Knight. These areas also serve as bases for the Dark Legion - Vulture's Vale and Blizzard Berg. The battle will be bloody and fierce, so be ready for the worst."
"As for the rest, the Grand Bishop wants to relay it to you in person. I need to go and notify him. Please return to Navea as soon as you are ready!"

Completing the QuestEdit

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