Lv60 Miyol's Request

You have received a message from the Mirabelle Association. Ask the clerk for the details.

Talk to the Mirabelle Association Clerk.

Completion Condition
Report to: <Fame Quest Clerk> Mirabelle
Quest Reward

Shortcut DescriptionEdit

You have received a message from the Mirabelle Association. Ask the clerk for details.


Accepting the QuestEdit


You're enjoying your walk, when you nearly stumble over a carrier pigeon that's swooped down in front of you. You bend down and grab the message, which bears the seal of the Mirabelle Association.
You open the message and read it: "Greetings, dear Envoy of Gaia, The Mirabelle Association is extremely grateful for all the help you've given us. As a result, we have a number of tasks which we would like to delegate to a strong and capable adventurer."
The Mirabelle Association is an organization that undertakes requests from far and wide. With their reputation, you could never fathom that they'd become one of your clients. You worry that something may have happened. Perhaps it's best to go and see them directly.

Completing the QuestEdit


You show the message you received from the Mirabelle Association to the clerk and ask her for more details.

Mirabelle Association Clerk

"Thank you for coming, <Envoy>. We have asked you to come because you are the strongest and most capable Envoy of Gaia. We desperately need your help."
"A number of strange things have been occurring through the land. The opening of the Otherworld, and the rampaging of the demon army, has caused a great deal of harm to our beloved land. No matter how much we try, the monsters are just too strong for us to handle them."
"It is imperative that we eradicate these strange phenomena. It is for this reason that we have called on your help. <Envoy>, you've already done so much to help so many people, that we hoped you could help us to purge the lands of these monsters. It is our hope that you can aid us."
"If you're able to complete these most difficult of tasks, your strength and experience will surely increase. I'm sure that your strengths will soar to new heights once you've completed these quests. There are many people that are still in dire need of your help. Please go and give them aid, and once you're done, you can take on the Group's quests."
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