Lv70. Where the Wild Eidolons Are

A mysterious voice beckons you... to the underground Temple of Eidolon!

Completion Condition
Quest Reward


Accepting the QuestEdit


"... Envoy of Gaia... ...hear me, all ye righteous Envoy of Gaia!"
The sound of a mysterious voice suddenly rings in your ears.
"... the time has come to assemble your companions, and proceed to Crescent Hill (249, 545) where the real challenge awaits you."
"... do you remember the location of the Underground Eidolon Temple? Go forth and explore it!"

Finishing the QuestEdit


"Oh wow! You couldn't have arrived at a better time!" The Director flails his hands like he just spotted his personal lord and savior.


You explain to him that a mysterious voice summoned you here.


"Aha, so that's how you got here! So you've been hearing this mysterious voice as well, huh? As a matter of fact, you're not the first Envoy of Gaia to come here claiming to have heard strange voices. Maybe there's something to it... or maybe this is turning into an insane asylum!"
"No. On second thought, the Envoys arriving here are all of unquestionable sanity and integrity. Something must be going on here!"
"Will you go down and have a look for me? I went down there myself once with some Navea troops, but nothing happened. It seems that only the strongest of Envoys can hear the mystical call."


This all seems very odd to you. You promise to find out what's going on.


"You have to tread carefully. Some people went in and never came back out."


  • Henrik's last line seems bugged. After his last line, the text "Eidolon Research Institute Director8211" appeared.
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