Lv9. Emergency Aid

Bentley is seriously wounded. He asks you to capture some Mishievous Sprouts and Grass Sprouts and extract their blood-stanching body fluid from them.

Capture Mischievous Sprouts and Grass Sprouts near Hushglen Hollow, and come back with their Sticky Secretions and Cooling Liquid.

Completion Condition
Defeat Mischievous Sprout to get Sticky Secretion 0/4
Defeat Grass Sprout to get Cooling Liquid. 0/4
Report to: Forest Hunter Bentley
Quest Reward
Select Item:
Feet-w3 Feet-w4


Accepting the QuestEdit


"This is a pretty deep wound. I'm probably going to have to do something about it, eh?" Bentley winces.


You inspect the festering wound with concern, then ask Bentley what you can do to help him.


"A bunch of Grass Sprouts reside in the forest. The slime they produce can stop the bleeding and help the wound heal. Please collect some slime and fluid from the sprouts."
"Beebis, follow <Envoy>." Bentley swallows hard, hiding his pain badly, and shoos you and Beebis away.

In ProgressEdit


"Gasp... gasp... cough, cough!"

Completing the QuestEdit


You hurriedly hand the collected liquid to Bentley.


Bentley quickly mixes two liquids and applies the viscous solution to his laceration. The endless bleeding from the wound begins to slow. The pained look fades from Bentley's face.
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