The Mail interface can be opened by clicking the mail symbol on the mini map: Mailicon

Mail SystemEdit

You can send and receive mail and items from other players in-game.

  • You are able to send and receive mail from anywhere in the world.

Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) SystemEdit

C.O.D. Mail

In addition to the Auctioneers there is also a person-specific selling methods called C.O.D., or Cash On Delivery, mail. This helps if you don't want to Change Channels or maps to complete a transaction with someone.

Selling Via COD Mail

To Start, you open up your mail by clicking the little envelope icon on the bottom left hand corner of your minimap (Which is displayed in the top right hand corner of your User Interface). From Here, you open up the 'Send Mail' tab. First, enter the recipient name into the 'To:' field or select a name from your contacts list. Next, you drag the item you're selling from your inventory into the little box on the bottom left hand corner of the Send Mail interface. Type in the amount of gold or silver you want in exchange for that item, or the previously agreed upon amount if it was a set trade. Select the COD checkbox and hit the 'Send' button to send the mail.

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