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    Hi! My name is PsiSeveredHead, and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for the Aura Kingdom Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my message wall or talk page. PSH aka Kimera 757 (talk) (wall) contribs 21:03, May 20, 2019 (UTC)

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  • can you upload all the japanese artwork off all the character thank you 

    • Thanks and I don't know what you mean by Japanese artwork? If you're talking about the Serena/Cesela art then that's it, though there is official art which you can find here. The artist doesn't allow reuploading so I won't add them here.

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  • So i bought 10 key fragments from the mall. I fused all 10 key fragments.  I got the gaia key.  Then i used it and got a summon stone.  I took the summon stone to the summon arena.   I chose a lvl 50 box. i used the orb from that box. it gave me a gigas summon stone.  i used an aeligas summon stone instead. I fought and killed him.  THEN NOTHING HAPPENED. I got nothing what so ever! is this a bug!? please respond!

    • I don't really understand. You say you bought key fragments, which you fused and got a key, but got a summoning stone?? The only thing you can do with the key is to obtain that Eidolon or use it as fusing material for evolution. You don't get a summoning stone from that. So I assume you either got that from Temple of the Eidolons or guild hall summoning (which requires Eidolon Energy Crystals). If the former then maybe you should check your bag to see if your inventory was full. If the latter then the reward is sent via mail.

    • I know thats what i thought!  But your understanding is correct!  That is exactly what happend!  Once I had my Gaia key it gave me a summoning stone.  even my freinds couldnt understand why..... The next thing i did was goto The temple of the Eidolons to fight it because i assumed it would unlock.   Your Thoughts?

    • I've never encountered anything like that, so I don't think I can actually help you. Sorry. You can try sending a ticket or ask the folks over AKUS Discord. They might know about it.

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  • Can your character be restore after been deleted? If so can you help me please?

  • Im a bit confused right now. On Aura Kingdom mobile I got a little confused on the recommended envoys path for a gunslinger and I got a little curious and asked if it was good in the world chat. I was told it was better to go in manual and seeing as you are a gunslinger yourself, I would like some times on which ones you reccommend as I have absolutely no clue. I don't know if the PC envoys path and the mobile path is the same.

    Please help? 

  • I saw the AKM ad while I was playing so I wanna know if you've tried it and what's the difference from the PC game in terms of battle system and game mechanics and stuff?

    The ad looked weird and I didn't expect it was AK until I saw BAE-ldor--

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    • Tell me if it works :p

    • pft okay okay

      As soon as I get to it. xD

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  • Hey Kyara,

    i'm contacting you because you're the most active admin according to the stats. Would it be ok if I traslated this wiki in Italian? Naturally I wouldn't copy-paste the English pages, but 60% of the contents would be the same. Keep me posted :D

    • Sure! But just for your discretion, many pages are outdated so it's best to confirm what you take from here before you publish it.

      We've actually been contacted by Aeria about multi-language options, but we've made no progress in that regard.

    • I'll bear that in mind! Thanks again for your time :D

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    Image (2)

    answer to the question who the hell is the little shit yelling on your wall

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    • The conversation was taken directly from the text file, so it's either a mistranslation or exactly what it says.

      I might be wrong, but he may refer to Sariel, Uriel's former self. He used to have white wings, and Uriel is the angel of justice, but idk xD

    • I surely hope it's mistranslation, because it'd turn out funny if Alu names his sword(s) after a day for domes. XD

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  • Hi kyara, 

    i need your help,recently i complete Lv.48 Work Exchange quest and after that i do the next quest and realize the moment i'm doing the Lv.48 The origin of the sorcery it needs  the shaggy ox meat but i can't complete it cuz i already discard the ox meat.

    so can you tell me what i have to do to complete Lv.48 The Origin of the sorcery quest...

    • You can obtain the quest items again by killing the monsters again if they're drops. If the quest item is obtained from the quest directly, try abandon and re-accept the quest.

    • i already kill shaggy ox for 30 minutes but it doesn't drop anything and i already try abandon and re-accept the Lv.48 The Origin of the sorcery quest but it doesn't work to.

    • i already kill shaggy ox for 30 minutes but it doesn't drop anything and i already try abandon and re-accept the Lv.48 The Origin of the sorcery quest but it doesn't work to.

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  • Emoticon-drool

    So I created a page for one of the new maps (Tanglevine Cascades)...but I haven't made the other area page yet (Sunhunter's Vale).. However, I have added it's map and banner images (still missing the various images for the different areas in the map). Also added the Fish Kings for the 2 separate maps. o: I did put the days on which they spawn, however I might have the times wrong (seeing as how it's Sunday so I can't be sure what times they spawn at on their respective days). But hey! You should be level 80 soon-ish~ Emoticon-nosebleed So feel free to go ahead and add the last location page~

    EDIT: Feel free to add info from Potato if you need to. xD I can go back and fix it with info from Aeria's server afterwards.

    EDIT 2: Emoticon-stare I missed ST cuz I was making that owe me DP...

    • I'm nowhere near Lv80 'ya know I've been too busy with TS and school to play AK lol. But thanks for creating the pages, I appreciate it.

      As for adding info, unfortunately I can't help you with that xd. I don't have PS anymore so yeah.

      Mwahahahaha sorry but no can do Emoticon-evil

    • Bleeehhhhh.. Emoticon-drool Was busy doing contrib quests today...and I'll be busy with class tomorrow...might be able to create it on Wednesday...but tbh, this whole week is gonna be busy for me. >.<; So it might be a while.

    • Hi stormSurge,

      Thanks for adding the new fish king I will try my best to put info on those red link (O_o) soon as I can, Am busy with work so I cant play AK as of the moment 

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