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Content Moderator
  • I was born on February 10
  • I am Female
An Envoy
  • Your dedication to the wiki is truly appreciative. We, as the admins of the wiki, have considered it may be necessary to promote you to Content Moderator to allow for better control and access to extra tools to benefit you and your edits. Normally there would be a request made by the user or a nomination nor do we consider promoting users without consensus of the community; since we're lacking a community, we have considered promoting you on the spot if you accept this offer.

    The tools of a Content Moderator:

    • Deleting and moving protected pages
    • Deleting and moving files
    • Undeleting pages and files
    • Rollback
    • Reupload files
    • Protecting and unprotecting pages

    If you accept this offer, we will promote you to this user right.

    Please be aware that this is not a privilege or a right but a responsibility to help the wiki where needed.

    We hope you continue to pursue greater objectives for the wiki in an effort to create a larger database for the game and its community.

    • An Envoy
  • Welcome to the Aura Kingdom Wiki, Tsurumi!

    Aura Kingdom Wiki needs you here to contribute and be active more. Find things you love, stay here as long you want, and also create your knowledge! That's what Aura Kingdom Wiki's all about! Here are the following rules to the wiki:

    • Visit the Manual of Style for information before starting to communicate and edit more in the wiki. Check more guides as well!
    • Visit the Forums if you have any troubles on the wiki.
    • Visit the Community Portal for any suggestions or improvements to the wiki.
    • Or just want to read our articles? Edit our pages? Feel free to! Everyone has the right to edit here as it is the same to other wikis. But first, remember to read the MOS and other guides to follow important rules!

    In addtion, thanks for your edit to the Guild:Omurice page. You can also leave a message to my message wall or Kyara's message wall! StormSurge95 (Wall) 20:54, January 5, 2017 (UTC)
    • An Envoy
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