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  • Just want to express my gratitude for adding the story and history of the location pages! The wiki is really lacking in that area, so I'm glad someone's willing to add it. The wiki has a Discord where we discuss about projects and casual stuff. So if you're interested, you're more than welcome to join us!

    • Sure, i will be glad to help as well. My English was quite rigid so i could need a hand for them to soften the language to get it more easier to read since i'm quite rigid at grammars.

      Oh yeah i already joined discord, my name on there was same Valkyrious. I'll be logging in on several hours.

      Right now i'm progressing the character slowly so i can write up the story and make "Chapters" for each map. It may takes more time though but with my current gear on my main character i may got stuck since i'm a quest hunter.

    • Oh, I didn't see your name there so I thought you haven't joined haha. And take all the time you want; it's a community project, after all. And if you ever need help with descriptions, you can always ask us Emoticon-smile

    • All that matters is that you're putting effort in writing these stories. I had initially done it myself, though only summaries and not as in depth as yours. But when I changed laptops, I had lost all of the progress that I was going to add. So I'm really glad someone stepped up into doing it with more being added. Thanks!

      We'll be more than happy to help revise the grammar.

    • Well right now i'm added it step by step so the progress maybe slow due to the quest but at least it will be worth big time anyway. Right now my main character is hitting Tanglevine Cascades while the other one is hitting Helonia Coast. Right now i'm running Tanglevine first before moving on to Helonia.

      I never expect Discord channel on wiki was different than at Aura Kingdom US @_@ i just joined now since i realize it was different XD

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  • Welcome to the Aura Kingdom Wiki, Valkyrious!

    Aura Kingdom Wiki needs you here to contribute and be active more. Find things you love, stay here as long you want, and also create your knowledge! That's what Aura Kingdom Wiki's all about! Here are the following rules to the wiki:

    • Visit the Manual of Style for information before starting to communicate and edit more in the wiki. Check more guides as well!
    • Visit the Forums if you have any troubles on the wiki.
    • Visit the Community Portal for any suggestions or improvements to the wiki.
    • Or just want to read our articles? Edit our pages? Feel free to! Everyone has the right to edit here as it is the same to other wikis. But first, remember to read the MOS and other guides to follow important rules!

    In addtion, thanks for your edit to the Reinhardt page. You can also leave a message to my message wall or Kyara's message wall! StormSurge95 (Wall) 12:11, November 7, 2016 (UTC)
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