Miracle Cube

R-Click to Open.
Cannot be traded.
Character Level 5 and Above
Salvaged from the water, this cube exudes powerful energy. You can feel power surge through you whenever you touch it.

Break the cube for a chance at rare items. Right-Click to break.

Obtained fromEdit

Various monster drops in the School of Fish. Can be found inside while unboxing with items or chests from the legendary or king fishes.


These items below are known to be hidden inside Miracle Cube:

Icon Name
Loyaltyicon 10 Loyalty Points
Loyaltyicon 50 Loyalty Points
Flawlesssecretstone Flawless Secret Stone
Fourleafclover-3days Four Leaf Clover (3 Days)
Fourleafclover Four Leaf Clover
Aura-luckyfourleaf Lucky Four Leaf Clover
Shiningsecretstone Shining Secret Stone
Crest-darksymbol Symbol of Darkness
Crest-flame Symbol of Flame
Crest-forestsymbol Symbol of Forest
Crest-ice Symbol of Ice
Crest-lightsymbol Symbol of Light
Crest-sandsymbol Symbol of Sand
Crest-thunder Symbol of Thunder
Crest-wind Symbol of Wind
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