Mirrored Shield
Cooldown.jpg              45.0s
Fortify your shield with your fighting spirit, sending your enemy's attack right back at them.
UpIcon.png Reflect x of damage taken back on the attacker.
UpIcon.png When your Primary Weapon is Sword and Shield, you have a 30% chance to riposte attackers.
Time.jpg 30.0 secs

Properties[edit | edit source]

Mirroredshield-skillicon.png Mirrored ShieldCooldown.jpg 45 seconds GCDIcon.png 0.5 seconds
Target Self
Weapon Type Sword and Shield
Level Level.png 8 (Main)
Level.png 44 (Sub)
Skill Amplifier -
Range -
Effect UpIcon.png Applies a buff that reflects a fixed amount of damage taken back to the attacker. Buff lasts 30 seconds.

Alternative Names[edit | edit source]

Server Name/Translation
Fantasy Frontier (Taiwanese) 反射盾
Innocent World (Japanese) リフレクション (Reflection)
Aura Kingdom (Korean) 리플렉션 실드
Fantasy Frontier (Thai) Mirrored Shield

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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