Sarpas in Cactakara Forest

Sarpas as the enemies

Monsters are the opposing side from the player side. Monsters are typically creatures, although some are also human and other races. Monsters are found generally everywhere in the world field or dungeons.

Monsters can be interacted with by attacking it. In doing so, the Envoy and the monster, or monsters if others are affected, will enter combat. In typical gameplay, monsters are hunted as part of a quest, but they also yield experience points and drop items when defeated.

Types of monstersEdit

Monsters come in various types. Most are the common world field monsters, but others can also be elite or boss monsters.

Regular This icon identifies a monster as generally harmless or weak. Most common monsters are labeled with the icon.
Boss This icon identifies a monster as a very strong monster. Bosses are most commonly labeled with this icon.
Elite This icon identifies a monster as a strong monster. Elite monsters are commonly labeled with this icon.

Elite monstersEdit

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Elite monster icon

Elite monsters are larger versions of the common monsters. They can be found at their respective area in the world field. Elite monsters are often captured inside urns and other objects and turned in to the local guards at the town, in exchange for items.

Elite monsters are typically identified by a silver crown over themselves.



Bosses are usually found inside dungeons. They yield the largest amount of experience and drop exclusive items only dropped by the bosses.

Bosses are typically identified by a gold crown over themselves.


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Eidolons can also be fought when spawned. They are generally very strong and yield a large amount of experience or drop rare items, such as full keys or key fragments of the respective Eidolon.



An aggression state of yellow

Aggression is the act of a monster willing to attack the nearby Envoy. The aggression is identified by the color of the monster's name.

  • Passive signifies the monster is less aggressive and will only attack if attacked.
    • Some monsters, such as eggs, will come out of its less aggressive state if the Envoy is nearby. In this case, the revealed form will become very aggressive.
  • Hostile signifies the monster is very aggressive and will attack anyone that comes near it, regardless if attacked or not.
    • Some monsters, such as hiding monsters, will come out of hiding and attack the Envoy if nearby.


Monsters have skills that they use periodically during combat. Skills can vary from offensive attacks to defensive attacks. When a monster is using a specific skill, a "red carpet" appears on the ground that signifies the pathway of the attack.

  • A straight red line indicates the skill will travel in a direction. This can be a single red line or multiple red lines.
  • A red circle indicates the skill will affect the affected areas. The size varies between monsters and skills.

The casting time during a skill depends on the type of skill or the enemy. Some casting times take a few seconds before casting, while others can be within a second before casting. Like players, the monsters also have a cooldown before they can use the skill again.

Some skills may affect the surrounding areas for a short period of time. It is commonly referred to as "area-of-effect," where a monster can cast a skill, such as a burning ground, that will affect the players within the affected areas.

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