Mounts are used for increasing movement speed to the player. In any situation, mounts are not to be used in dungeons, combat or swimming.



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While Envoys only can get Beebis from main quests, they can also get mounts by doing daily quests and fighting Banksy. The majority of mounts comes from the AP shop, Loyalty shop and Paragon Tables, where Envoys can either buy or gamble to get mounts.

White-quality mounts (with the exception of Ostrich) last for a 3 day period after usage. Usually white-quality mounts have +45% movement speed while orange-quality mounts have +90%.

Some eidolons can be mounted, like Tigerius Caesar and Vayu by using their eidolon ultimate skill. The envoy can only mount them for 60 seconds after each cast.

Note that Envoy cannot use mount during battle with monsters or swimming but envoy can still dismount to battle the monster if they attack envoy while mounting. On other circumstances if envoy are set up the waypoint either to get item quests or clicking with the left mouse (As default button) on the map where envoy at, a mount will automatically appear if envoy are not attacked by the monsters.

List of MountsEdit

Main article: Category:Mounts

The lists below are only examples of mounts. For more, please refer to the main article.

White QualityEdit

Main article: Category:White-Quality Mounts
Icon Item Name
Mount-ostrich Ostrich
Mount-quicksilvertiger Quicksilver Tiger (3 Days)
Mount-nobleunicorn Noble Unicorn (3 Days)
Mount-nimblenine-tailedfox Nimble Nine-Tailed Fox (3 Days)
Mount-flamegriffin Flame Griffin (3 Days)
Mount-chubbybird3days Chubby Bird (3 Days)

Blue QualityEdit

Main article: Category:Blue-Quality Mounts
Icon Item Name
Mount-quickostrich Quick Ostrich

Green QualityEdit

Main article: Category:Green-Quality Mounts
Icon Item Name
Mount-beebis'sholidaysleight Beebis's Holiday Sleight
Mount-royalcarriage Royal Carriage
Mount-midnightunicorn Midnight Unicorn
Mount-firebrandtiger Fire Brand Tiger
Mount-flamelion Flame Lion
Mount-shadowwolf Shadow Wolf
Mount-longearbadger Longear Badger
Mount-snowynine-tailedfox Snowy Nine-Tailed Fox
Mount-saintgriffin Saint Griffin

Orange QualityEdit

Main article: Category:Orange-Quality Mounts
Icon Item Name
Mount-alucard Alucard
Mount-arcticnine-tailedfox Arctic Nine-tailed Fox
Mount-wickedshadowmidnightlion Wicked Shadow: Midnight Lion
Mount-daybreakunicorn Daybreak Unicorn
Mount-evildragongram Evil Dragon Gram
Mount-fierychubbybirdy Fiery Chubby Birdy
Mount-infernalplumgriffith Infernal Plum Griffin
Mount-hero'sluxuriouscarriage Hero's Luxurious Carriage
Mount-shadowtiger Shadow Tiger
Mount-treasuretransporterchibani Treasure Transporter Chibani
Mount-miningmasterkampaniela Mining Master Kampa Niela

Gold QualityEdit

Main article: Category:Gold-Quality Mounts
Icon Item Name
Icon-sonicmotorcycle Sonic Motorcycle
Mount-blazingmotorcycle Blazing Motorcycle
Mount-sunfirekitsune Sunfire Kitsune
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