Mysterious Sludge-covered Belt

R-Click to Open.
Cannot trade.
Completely covered in a thick coating of sludge, there's no way to tell exactly what this relic is off the bat, but you get a feeling that it's possibly a belt.

Obtained fromEdit

Icon Name
Fish-ironcladswordfish Ironclad Swordfish


Items that can be obtained by opening a Mysterious Sludge-covered Belt are:

Icon Name
Waist-ironguardssturdybelt Iron Guard's Sturdy Belt
Waist-sigrunsbeltofprotection Sigrun's Belt of Protection
Waist-carolinessashofwind Caroline's Sash of Wind
Waist-valeriesfaecraftedbelt Valerie's Faecrafted Belt
Waist-grasskingdomherosbelt Grass Kingdom Hero's Belt
Waist-carolinessashofwind Sonia's Vow
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