Navea is a location in the world of Terra, located in South Midgard of Grazeus.


A hallowed city and a gathering place for all races, Navea is known for its culture and trade. Grand Bishop Belenus and other members discuss political matters in the Church. The Church's Templars are based in Navea in the Military Hall, making it the central city of human civilization on Terra. Regardless of the calamities occurring outside the city walls, Navea remains a sacred refuge and beacon of hope for all people.

The infamous Sky Tower can be found in Navea.


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Places of InterestsEdit


Castle ChurchEdit

Navea - Castle Church

Castle Church

Castle Church is an area in Navea, located in the northern part of the city. The Church Audience Chamber entrance can be found here, as well as entrances to other locations of Terra.

The Military HallEdit

Navea - Military Hall

The Military Hall

The Military Hall is situated in the eastern part of the city. Templar Commander Andre leads the military. The class masters can also be found in the eastern part of this area.

Stall AreaEdit

Navea - Stall Area

Stall Area

The Stall Area is an area for selling items to other Envoys. The Envoy can set up their own stall. Stall Manager Curly will guide new players on setting up their stalls and will provide tips on how to provide excellent services.

Trade DistrictEdit

Navea - Trade District

Trade District

The Trade District, located in the southeastern portion of Navea, provides services to players to make purchases or sell items to the merchants. In the central part of Navea, one can find the Cube of Gaia floating atop the district. Merchants, auctioneers, bankers, grocers, and secret stone services can be found throughout the trading district.

If Envoy took the path south of Stall Area to the East that leads Envoy to Military Hall, Envoy can meet Blacksmith Area where Envoy can pay the recipes they found on the hunt to Analisa where she doesn't have such recipe and Envoy can also met her daughter Jill, Analisa's apprentice Bryon, Refining Dream Team and Alchemists. The Blacksmith Area is also a home of Templar Blacksmith Analisa.

Residential NeighborhoodsEdit

Navea - Residential Neighborhoods

Residential Neighborhoods

The Residential Neighborhoods make up the southwestern portion of the city, where Navean residents' live in. The Envoy can battle a level 25 Fleet Footed Adie here.

Sky TowerEdit

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Sky Tower is where Envoy will team up to form a raid with another Envoys. The conceptualized 100-floor Sky Tower is located in the western part of the city. Around Sky Tower, Envoy can find Angler Merchants to trade tokens gained from Penguin Bandits.


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  • Templar Commander Andre (X:840, Y:673)
  • Templar Squad Victoria (X:859, Y:673)
  • Refining Dream Team Blacksmith Keith (X:839, Y:420)
  • Refining Dream Team Hunter Talia (X:837, Y:418)
  • Little Girl Jill (X:840 Y:433)
  • Blacksmith Apprentice Byron (X:824, Y:414)
  • Craftsman Karn (X:835, Y:436)
  • Guard Captain Tatius (X:777, Y:630)
  • Stall Manager Curly (X:693, Y:469)
  • Regal Host Oates (X:690, Y:312)
  • Broker Fighting Taylor (X:518, Y:305)
  • Doorman Keyring Tony (X:520, Y:298)
  • Guild Officer Ted (X:762, Y:365)
  • Anglers Anonymous CEO Preston (X:279, Y:404)
  • Fishing God Yemi (X:263, Y:406)
  • Gathering Association Chairman Ainisus (X:684, Y:527)
  • Gathering Association Director Ouranus (X:685, Y:429)
  • Collectors Club Clerk Jelson (X:673, Y:435)
  • Collectors Club Mascot Mayer (X:677, Y:437)
  • Cooking Association Vice-Chairman Natalie (X:735, Y:390)
  • Cooking Association Director Rosalinda (X:729 Y:394)
  • Culinary Club Clerk Viya (X:724 Y:397)
  • Culinary Club Mascot Kokolo (X:722 Y:396)
  • Archaeology Association Chairman Ishmaela (X:627, Y:512)
  • Archaeology Association Chairman Lalilu (X:626, Y:508)
  • Revealer of the Past Robin (X:631, Y:522)
  • AK Card Association Simon (X:540, Y:312)
  • Real Estate Agent Tommy (X:599, Y:238)
  • Zombie Researcher Horace (X:630, Y:634)
  • Assistant Richie (X:630, Y:635)
  • Assistant Tracy (X:628, Y:635)
  • Older Brother and Younger Brother (~X:786 ~Y:444)
  • Little Boy (X:785, Y:446)
  • Lady Wendela (X:641, Y:296)
  • Maiden Katia (X:639, Y:296)
  • Training Officer Leroux (X:900, Y:557)
  • Soldier Levi (X:905, Y:591)
  • Baker Laura (X:739, Y:369)
  • Policeman Hugh (X:760, Y:619)
  • Delivery Person McArthur (X:698 Y:409)
  • Aunt Dana (X:519, Y:396)
  • Military Officer Iris (X:770, Y:560)
  • Mick (X:726, Y:420)
  • Granny Rose (X:231 Y:544)
  • Fisherman Taz (X:247 Y:415)
  • Matchstick Seller Wendy (X:506 Y:637)


  • BlacksmithNPCicon Blacksmith Analisa (X:823, Y:430)
  • GrocerNPCicon Grocer Eve (X:270, Y:406)
  • MerchantNPCicon Weapon Merchant Sergei (X:650 Y:474)
  • ArmorNPCicon Armor Merchant Petunia (X:562, Y:497)
  • WarehouseNPCicon Banker Thorne (X:593, Y:379)
  • WarehouseNPCicon Banker Angela (X:575, Y:355)
  • AuctionNPCicon Auctioneer Matthew (X:629, Y:365)
  • AuctionNPCicon Auction House Sally (X:667, Y:404)
  • SecretStoneNPCicon Secret Stone Merchant Pete (X:579, Y:459)
  • SecretStoneNPCicon Secret Stone Merchant's Assistant Angelina (X:576, Y:460)
  • SecretStoneNPCicon Secret Stone Merchant's Assistant Jolie (X:580, Y:458)
  • SecretStoneNPCicon Secret Stone Assistant Brent (X:578, Y:459)
  • SecretStoneNPCicon Secret Stone Assistant Melina (X:575, Y:462)
  • SecretStoneNPCicon Secret Stone Assistant Molly (X:582, Y:458)
  • AlchemyNPCicon Alchemy Scholar Tula (X:797, Y:470)
  • EidolonResearcherNPCicon Senior Eidolon Researcher Gardner (X:803, Y:609)
  • Navea Specialty Merchant Rick (X:743 Y:386)
  • Navea Mixologist Lois (X:716, Y:397)
  • FishingNPCicon Anglers Anonymous Merchant Annette (X:270, Y:406)
  • FishingNPCicon Anglers Anonymous Merchant Ken (X:274, Y:403)
  • Anglers Anonymous Director Myrna (X:283 Y:403)
  • GatheringNPCicon Gathering Association Merchant Garret (X:677, Y:427)
  • CookingNPCicon Cooking Association Merchant Aileen (X:733, Y:393)
  • ArchaeologyNPCicon Relic Collector Vera (X:630, Y:517)
  • DuelCardNPCicon AK Card Merchant Izzy (X:542, Y:309)
  • ChronicleNPCicon Chronicle Researcher Parilla (X:650 Y:468)
  • StarNPCicon Housekeeper Association Niel (X:540, Y:244)
  • SkyTowerNPCicon Raid Guardian Barry (X:346, Y:477)
  • GrocerNPCicon Guild Merchant Pellini (X:759 Y:363)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Master Guardian Forseti (X:896, Y:695)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Master Duelist Carlos (X:894, Y:701)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Master Ravager Hallim (X:896, Y:688)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Master Wizard Deckard (X:896, Y:681)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Master Grenadier Bradley (X:875, Y:665)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Master Gunslinger Turin (X:876, Y:672)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Master Sorcerer Holm (X:876, Y:659)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Master Bard Randall (X:875, Y:653)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Master Brawler Katrina (X:876, Y:677)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Master Ranger Berlioz (X:883, Y:647)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Master Ronin Takezo (X:894, Y:652)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Master Reaper Audy (X:893, Y:658)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Holy Sword Great Master Mandon (X:894, Y:665)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Master Shinobi Hanso (X:893, Y:672)
  • Battle PvP Quartermaster Smalls (X:786, Y:653)
  • Defense PvP Quartermaster O'Hare (X:791, Y:667)
  • PvP Annihilation Quartermaster Faulkner (X:801, Y:667)
  • Offense PvP Quartermaster Dickie (X:806, Y:653)
  • ClassmasterNPCicon Basic PvP Quartermaster Gerald (X:784, Y:681)
  • Phantom Scavengers Kular (X:685, Y:309)
  • Butler Nelson (X:305, Y:371)
  • PriestNPCicon Navean Priest (X:480, Y:604)


Aggr Coord
25 Hostile --
Fleet Footed Adie
Aggr Coord
28 Passive --
Armored Mine Lion
Aggr Coord
40 Hostile --



Service auctioneer


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