Novice Miner's Bracers

Cannot trade.
Character Level and Above
Fishing Gear Durability +70
Line Strength +19
Reeling Speed +11
Rod Strength +11
Stamina of Prey -0.8%
Novice Miner's Fishing Set (2/2)
Novice Miner's Fishing Set (4/4)
Novice Miner's Fishing Hat
Novice Miner's Fishing Vest
Novice Miner's Bracers
Novice Miner's Sandals
2-Piece Bonus:
DMG dealt is increased by 206 points.
Set Bonus:
DMG +268
"This style of fishing-wear has been designed by miners; it's practical and intended for wilderness survival."

This is tier two fishing equipment with a focus on skill, capable of catching grey, white, green, or blue quality fish
After equipping this item, you'll be able to catch fish that are prone to escape.

Obtained from Edit

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