Obobolish is a language spoken in the world of Terra by the Obobo race. The language is simply made of "Oh" and "Bo" sounds but there is over 100,000 different combinations, this means it is one of the hardest languages known on Terra.


Several dictionaries have been written by Jacky Ryan to allow people to learn the language and it's vocabulary.

A list of known literature so far is listed here:


Jacky Ryan's notes:

  • All Obobolish words should be spoken in a single breath to prevent misinterpretation.
  • Obobolish is sensitive to social context, do take note when practicing.
  • There is no separation of tense in Obobolish. This might be due to the difference between their way of life and ours.
  • A point to note: Until recently, it was thought that Obobolish was lacking in words that describe emotion. New research has shown that, in fact, the opposite is true.
  • Obobolish has a lot of obscure terms that have been lost with time.
  • The more complex the meaning, the longer the word. It is beyond imagination regarding the lexicon of Obobolish.
  • According to the literature...


A common theme of Obobolish words is that "Oh" and "Bo" are contrasts of each other. Sometimes (but not always) "Bo" has a positive value whereas "Oh" has a negative value.

Obobolish Part of speech Translation
Obobo Noun Friend
Boohoh Noun Enemy
Obobobobo Noun + numeral Two friends
Boohohohoh Noun + numeral Two enemies
Obobobobobobo Noun + numeral Three friends
Boohohohohohoh Noun + numeral Three enemies
Bobooh Noun Home
Ohohbo Noun Destination
Booh Interjection Hello
Ohbo Interjection Bye
Ohohbooh Noun Praise
Boboohob Noun Curse
Ohohoh Adjective Maximum
Bobobo Adjective Minimum
Oh Verb Look
Bo Verb + adjective Go away
Ohbooh Adjective Forward
Boohbo Verb Leave
Ohbo Verb Give
Booh Verb Take
Ohoh Verb Sleep
Bobo Verb Wake up
Ohohohbo Conjunction And
Bobobooh Conjunction Or
Ohohbo! Conjunction And (obscure)
Bobooh! Conjunction Or (obscure)
Ohohoh Adjective Happy
Bobobo Adjective Angry
Ohboohbo Adjective Cute
Boohbooh Adjective Scary
Ohohbobo Verb Like
Boboohoh Verb Hate
Ohboboohbobo Adjective/Verb Envy
Boohohboohoh Adjective Jealous
Ohoh! Noun Reward
Bobo! Noun Punishment
Ohbooh! Noun Altar
Boohbo! Noun Prison
Ohbo! Noun Dragon
Booh! Noun Demon
Ohboboohbobo Adjective Hope
Boohohboohoh Adjective Despair
Ohboboohoh Verb Cured
Boohohbobo Verb Injured
Ohohoh Noun Teamwork
Bobobo Noun Competition
Ohboohboohbobo Verb Create
Boohboohboohoh Verb Destroy
Ohbobooh! Noun God
Boohohbo! Noun Demon
Ohohohohbo Conjunction Because
Bobobobooh Noun/Verb Result
Ohboohbo! Adjective Large
Boohbooh! Adjective Small
Ohboboohoh Verb Eat
Boohohbobo Verb Spit
Obobo! Noun Spring
Boohoh! Noun Winter
Ohohbobo! Noun Summer
Boboohoh! Noun Fall


Obobolish Translation
Obobo, oh, ohohoh Glad to meet you, friend. / Friend, I'm happy to meet you.
Bo-ohbobo, Ohoh, Ohbooh, Boohoh! You should sleep until Winter, man.
Oh, oh-oh! Look, the Great Sun!
Ohboboohbobo, Ohohbo! Boohohboohoh Envious and covetous.
Boboohbo-Bo-Ohbobo, Ohohohbo, Ohohoh-Bobo! Oh God! Your voice is the ultimate torture!
Boboohbo-boohoh! Are you worthy of fighting me?
Ohohohohbo, boboohoh! ohboho-bohohohoho-hobohobo! Ohboboohoh. The arrival of Fall increases people's appetite.


Obobolish Tone
Oh Respectful
Bo Contemptuous
Ohoh Concerned
Bobo Irate
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