Pandemonium is the underworld of the land of Azuria. It is the realm of the dead and home to demons of destruction and decay.

Shadow Knight Reinhardt has been capable of opening the portal to Pandemonium with the use of the Cube of Gaia. He successfully summoned a demon from Pandemonium into the world of Terra.


Demons are said to inhabit the realm of Pandemonium. Some Eidolons also originate from Pandemonium and Loki is in Command of the Demons, wielding title Demon King.

Military Structure Edit

With Loki as Supreme Commander of the Demon Invasion to Terra, the threat was not even done yet even when Reinhardt was stopped by Luciana after showdown on Wrathborne Temple.

Known Demon High Commander Edit

  • Keres (Queen of Minion, Soul Shatterer)
  • Euronyme (Blood Lord)
  • Winston (Victoria's father, Dark Samurai)
  • Von (Ice Dragon King, former of Reinhardt's Lieutenant)
  • Delfonia (Queen of Demon, former partner of Salesian)

Reinhardt's Lieutenant Edit

The Demons are those who served Reinhardt as his Lieutenant in attempt to bring the Terra to chaos before his downfall at Wrathborne Temple

  • Ruth (Queen of Charm, deceased and absorbed by Winged Duke)
  • Gainey
  • Von (Alive, now working under Loki's command)

Winged Duke (Unknown Affiliation)

Known Eidolons Edit

Some Eidolons also originate from Pandemonium with some has the background such as Hel that can be seen on Sky Tower from 16th to 20th floor.

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