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Paragon Table
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The Paragon Table is a feature that allows players to gamble their Ruby Coins or Emerald Shards for a random prize in the Paragon Table.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The Paragon Table uses up Ruby Coins purchased via the Item Mall with Aeria Points (AP) or the Loyalty Shop with Loyalty Points (LP).

200 Ruby Coins are required to start the Paragon Table for one roll. The roll starts at the bottom of the Paragon Table. If the indicator lands on an item other than the Emerald Shards (ES), the player can either choose to receive that item or move on to the next layer for a better prize until they reach the top. However, if the player lands on an Emerald Shard, the player cannot advance and must accept the Emerald Shard. Note that other items can also act as Emerald Shards, e.g. Eidolon Energy Crystals.

If enough Emerald Shards are collected, the player can choose to spend the Emerald Shards on another layer other than the bottom layer.

On some Paragon Tables, there may also be Lucky Stars. If the player lands on a Lucky Star, the player can receive all the items listed in the same row. Emerald Shards does not count, however.

If the player chooses to accept the reward, the item that is on the indicator will be sent to their inventory.

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