Phantom Devilfish

R-Click to Open.
Cannot trade.
Character Level 70 and Above.
The legendary Crimson Aquadevil. A powerful fish that appears like a phantom in the water. It moves surprisingly swiftly in spite of its enormous size.

Can be given to local Fishing Merchants in exchange for a Lucky Pack.
Cut open to find legendary fishing fusion materials and a small amount of EXP.
Right-Click to cut open the fish.
Hold Shift while you click to separate stacks of items.


King Fish
School of Fish icon
Viridian Steppe
(X: 124, Y: 175)
Silvercrown Empress Fish
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Icon Name
Anglersgolddoubloon Angler's Gold Doubloon
Material-devilfishmouth Devilfish Mouth
Recipe3 Fusion Formula: Crimson Lure
Recipe3 Fusion Formula: Crimson Demon's Hood
Recipe3 Fusion Formula: Crimson Demon's Mail
Recipe3 Fusion Formula: Crimson Demon's Armlet
Recipe3 Fusion Formula: Crimson Demon's Long Boots
Transformtool-saw Strengthening Saw
Transformtool-cutter Reinforcing Cutter
Transformtool-enhancedsaw Enhanced Strengthening Saw
Transformtool-enhancedcutter Enhanced Reinforcing Cutter
MysteriousItem1 Mysterious Seaweed-covered Necklace
MysteriousItem1 Mysterious Seaweed-covered Cloak
MysteriousItem2 Seaweed-covered Ancient Relic
Trophy-ancientmaskofthedarkoccultist Ancient Mask of the Dark Occultist
MonsterXPbook Monster XP Book (Non-Tradable) x15, x50, or x100
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