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Interface showing main stats and equipments

Player Stats are the stats displayed from the Character interface (C) to the right of the character.


The player can accumulate points into these stats they earn through gaining Experience Points (EXP). The player will accquire both offensive and defensive points, which they can accumulate to the stat that is corresponding under the right tab. When reaching the cap investment of a stat, which is 99 points for all stats, the player will be forced to accumulate on another stat.

The player can automatically accumulate to stats by pressing the Auto next to the available point bar. The player can then customize the stat as they pleases. The player can also reset the stats by clicking the Reset button next to the Auto button. There will be a fee however to reset the stats, but is generally very cheap.

Main Stats[]

Sub Stats[]

Stat Explanation
CRIT DMG When you do CRIT, determines how much more you hurt them! The cap is 300% with some exceptions for some classes.
Accuracy (ACC) Increase your chance to hit enemies (cancels target's evasion).
Heal Determines your G-Heal and P-Healing when using healing skill. G-Healing (HEAL %) determines how much you heal every time and while P-Healing only determines how much you heal on yourself.
Move SPD Determines how fast you move around.