Crit (or CRIT) is what determines if the player will deal a critial hit or not. The amount of DMG that a critical hit boost is determined on the amount of Critical Damage (CRIT DMG) the player has. The more CRIT DMG, the more will the critical hit deal. This also applies to Damage over Time (DoT) and healing skills.

Each point invested will increase 0.25% of the player's current CRIT.

The % of CRIT displayed on the player is only acccurate if the player is facing an enemy with the same level as the player. Against higher level enemies, the % of CRIT will decrease bit by bit depending on the difference of level.

After Awakening, overcapping CRIT past 100% will result in an increase of CRIT DMG cap, with a maximum of 50%. An official calculator can be found on the official website.


The equation for CRIT (the displayed stat) is the following:

CRIT (%) = Flat CRIT Increment (%) + (<CRIT Stat Points>*0.25%) + λ*[(CRIT Stat Increment (%)*(Base CRIT Stat + Gear CRIT Stat) + CRIT from Title Bonuses + Contribution from Eidolon's Stats][1]

For more information regarding the formula, visit the reference.


  1. Base Stats Table and Stats Calculation
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