Evasion (shortened EVA) is a procent-based chance that lets the player evade the attack completely.

One point invested increases 0.35% EVA.

EVA can be counterattacked with ACC, which is very common among boss-type monsters and high-level enemies. Overcapping EVA does not help against ACC. Similar to CRIT and DEF, EVA is influenced by the attacker's level.

After Awakening, overcapping EVA past 95% (97% for duelist left path) gives true EVA with a maximum of 20%. True EVA ignores ACC.


The equation for DMG (the displayed stat) is the following:

EVA (%) = Flat EVA Increment (%) + (<EVA Stat Points>*0.35%) + λ*[(EVA Stat Increment (%)*(Base EVA Stat + Gear EVA Stat) + EVA from Title Bonuses + Contribution from Eidolon's Stats + EVA from Gear Set Bonuses]


  • Flat EVA Increment (%): From Eidolon Star Buffs, Secret Stones, Gaia Emblem, EVA stat etc.
  • λ: Same as defined in the equation for CRIT.[1]


  1. Base Stats Table and Stats Calculation
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