Speed (shortened SPD) determines how fast the player's skill Cool Down (CD) is, how fast the player will attack with Auto Attacks (AA, influenced by Attack Speed) and how long it takes to cast/charge the skill. SPD also influences the tick frequency of Damage over Time (DoT) and Healing over Time (HoT).

Each point invested increases 0.30% SPD.

Exceeding the cap limit of SPD will convert to a chance to deal bonus damage similar to zeal. Example: Having 55% SPD results in a 5% chance to activate the zeal. The overcap limit is 20%.


The equation for SPD is the following:
SPD (%) = Flat SPD Increment (%) + (<SPD Stat Points>*0.3%) + λ*[(SPD Stat Increment (%)*(Base SPD Stat + Gear SPD Stat) + SPD from Title Bonuses + Contribution from Eidolon's Stats]


  • Flat SPD Increment (%): From Envoy Path, SPD stat.
  • λ: Same as defined in the equation for CRIT.[1]
For overcapped SPD:


  • 14000 is value of 50% SPD which can be lowered depending on other factors.


DoT/HoT FrequencyEdit

The DoT/HoT frequency is determined by how much SPD the player has:

  • Below 10.00% SPD, the tick interval is 1.0 second.
  • From 10.00% to 29.99% SPD, the tick interval is 0.9 second.
  • Above 30.00% SPD, the tick interval is 0.8 second.[2]

Attack SpeedEdit

A class' attack speed is determined by their weapon. The following table displays auto attack caps for 2 hits/second.[3]

Class Displayed ATK SPD Attack Speed Cap
Guardian2.2 s77%
Ravager2.6 s81%
Duelist1.8 s72%
Gunslinger1.5 s67%
Grenadier2.3 s78%
Bard1.8 s72%
Wizard2.2 s77%
Sorcerer2.0 s75%
Brawler1.6 s69%
Ranger1.9 s74%
Ronin1.8 s72%
Reaper2.0 s75%
Holy Sword2.0 s75%
Shinobi2.2 s77%
Lancer1.9 s74%


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