Prehistoric Giant Bugs

The Arcane Magic Pioneer's expedition team has been trying to get access to ores containing Ancient Arcane Magic Energy. After using explosives to hopefully discover the ores they seek, they unintentionally uncovered a bugs' lair instead and were promptly attacked! During the chaos, one of the team members has gone missing.

Search for Basil, the missing Arcane Magic Pioneer in the mine pit, and defeat Ancient Sickly Spiderlings and their Queen.

Completion Condition
Defeat The Reaper. 0/1
Report to: <Arcane Magic Pioneer> Daisy
Quest Reward
Varies based on player level.0 Silver10 Tokens 10 Tokens

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Accepting the Quest[edit | edit source]


Crammed in the corner of the bulletin board, your eyes fall upon a strange note that has been torn apart and then pieced back together. You carefully pluck it from the board, not wanting it to fall apart.


"Oh? Are you interested in that one?" Mirabelle takes a look at the tattered note.
"Concerned about this tear here, are we? Shortly after this one was posted, a dwarf calling himself the Keeper of the Ruins tore it to bits! He wanted us to ignore it, of course, but that's not how my bulletin board service works. When lives are at stake, I cannot let a request go ignored!"
"The request is from an organization called the Arcane Magic Pioneers. They have an expedition team working at the Abandoned Mine, trying to extract ores that contain Ancient Arcane Magic Energy. For research purposes, of course."
"They used powerful explosives to uncover their ore; unfortunately, they ended up blasting directly into an ancient underground bug lair! There were so many bugs that one of the team didn't make it out in time...They're asking for our assistance in saving their lost comrade."
"You'll face a lot of ferocious bugs when searching for the team member; it's possible you may even face their giant queen! This quest is not to be taken lightly, so please be sure that you're up to it!"

In Progress[edit | edit source]


"Basil stayed behind to buy me enough time to escape. When I turned back, I saw him taken by the bugs...They didn't seem to be feeding, so if they're saving him for later, we may just be able to rescue him in time." A look of panic flashes in Daisy's eyes.

Completing the Quest[edit | edit source]


"This was almost catastrophic for our team! We are so lucky to have you come long, otherwise me and this schmuck might've been eaten." Daisy bows to you in gratitude, then casts an icy glare upon Basil.


"Hey! It was you who said you wanted to be done with this as soon as possible. That's why I thought using explosives could expedite the process..." Basil half-heartedly begins to argue with Daisy, trying to explain himself.


"You... you're blaming this on me?! Forget about the bug lair, what if the explosives caused the cave to collapse on us! Did you think of that?!"


"Well, er, I thought that...uh..." Basil struggles to come up with something to say.


"Ok, forget about the what-ifs. Facing a lair of ancient bugs, you just rushed in! Unarmed! What were you thinking?! Did you even care about how worried I'd be about you?!" Daisy starts to cry.


"Oh, Daisy... don't cry... We're all safe now, that's all that matters..."
"Sorry for all this. I'll pay your reward in Daisy's stead. It should be me who pays anyway. Thank you for rescuing me." Basil hands over the reward and focuses on trying to calm down Daisy.

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