Purple Poison Frog

R-Click to Open.
Cannot trade. Cannot be stored in shared warehouse.
Character Level 60 and Above.
This highly poisonous frog is decorated purple psychedelic pattern. It's said those poisoned by it are driven mad by wild hallucinations.

Cutting this fish open may provide a small amount of EXP.
Cut open to find legendary fishing fusion materials.
Right-Click to cut open the fish.
Hold Shift while you click to separate stacks of items.

 Location Edit

 Obtain Edit

Items you can obtain by cutting open a Purple Poison Frog are:

Icon Name
Transformtool-enhancedsaw Enhanced Lightening Saw
Transformtool-enhancedsaw Enhanced Sharpening Saw
Recipe2 Fusion Formula: Heart of the Ocean
Recipe2 Fusion Formula: Illusory Shadow Armband
Recipe2 Fusion Formula: Illusory Shadow Gaiters
Recipe2 Fusion Formula: Illusory Shadow Hood
Recipe2 Fusion Formula: Illusory Shadow Suit
Transformtool-saw Lightening Saw
MysteriousItem1 Mysterious Slime-covered Gloves
MysteriousItem1 Mysterious Sludge-covered Shoes
Purple Poison Skin Purple Poison Skin
Rainbow Cricket Rainbow Cricket
MysteriousItem2 Seaweed-covered Ancient Relic
Transformtool-saw Sharpening Saw
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