The world of Terra contains a vast number of races, from humans to sarpas to the giants. Each have their own unique way of living and appearances.



Avians banner

Away on the fringes of civilized lands live the Avians. Feathered humanoids who look something like hawks, Avians are an insular people. The Avians have a messianic cult centering on a demon-god who they feel will come to Terra to lead the Avians to dominate the world. Possibly because of this, restlessness on the Avian border frequently threatens the peace that (usually) exists between the other races. Some Avians are also having friendly or neutral relationship with humans based on their beliefs and religions itself.


Centaurs banner

Little is known for sure about the reclusive Centaurs. All that is known for sure is that they are brutal warriors, most often seen in ruins and wastelands abandoned by the other races. They are usually gathered together by strong leaders, without whom they find it hard to organize effectively. It has been rumored that they eat the enemies they kill, but that’s just a legend. Probably.


Dwarf banner

The Dwarves of Cactakara Forest combine magic and mechanics to build massive robots for both labor and battle, powering them with energy drawn from the life-force of the forest itself. The Dwarves revere nature as the source of their livelihood and power, taking care to maintain the balance of nature around them. No one knows what dwarves really look like, as they always go about dressed in elaborate robes with complex headdresses. Only the glow of their eyes can be seen within their deep cowls.

The Dwarf history was shown during Envoy's Assault on Gyaide Glen stated by Augusto where the Dwarf Kingdom are once established there and they are a powerful kingdom but vanquished by Kayel the Protector in just a single night due to the failure of containing Halo Energy itself.


Giants banner

Giants are, as the name implies, huge humanoids of great strength and even greater appetites. This latter fact brings Giants into frequent conflict with humans who hunt and gather in the same lands. Fortunately for their smaller neighbors, the Giants are fewer and less technologically sophisticated than most humans. An even greater disadvantage is their limited access to magic; their wizards must rely on magical objects to a degree that no other race must.


Gnomes banner

The tribes of the Gnomes cause more trouble than one would believe, given their small stature and general disorganization. What they lack in structure, they make up for with manic energy and obsessive determination. Sometimes, their plans quickly get out of control. Sometimes, they will happen upon some new spell or potion or mechanical design, almost by accident. In any case, once a tribe of Gnomes focuses on a project, not even total failure will stop them from pursuing their obsession.


Humans banner

Humans are a diverse people, with a great variety of physical traits and cultural styles. Excellent artists and artisans, Humans strive to make their clothes, tools, even their weapons things of beauty. Human magicians come in three types, tuned to the three worlds of Azuria. Each of the human towns recognizes the Church in the city of Navea as a central authority. The Church’s Templars provide protection from threats too large for the towns to deal with alone.


Makar banner

The Makar are proud, tribal, catlike beings that inhabit the Ventos Prairie. With their pride comes a bit of arrogance, however, as they view outsiders with suspicion. Their trust is not easily given, but once it is earned, they are fiercely loyal. Makar respect strength above all else, so much so that for one of them to surrender in a duel is to swear obedience to the stronger warrior. Makar are vain about their manes, considering them a sign of virility and personal power.


Sarpa banner

The Sarpa are amphibious snake-people native to Candeo Marsh. Secretive and territorial, they are a mystery, even to their closest neighbors. None of the locals can remember a time when the Sarpa have come out of their deep, watery cave. Historically, the Sarpa have generally avoided Humans (and other races), but seem to be getting more aggressive. Sarpa cannot speak, at least in any way other races can understand, so there is no way of knowing why this is happening.


Varan banner

Humanoid reptiles with thick scales and muscular limbs, Varan warriors are fierce and cunning in battle, though not needlessly cruel. Varan shamans are able to tap their tribal totems to create powerful spells. The Varan may seem primitive and disorganized to Humans, but they are not to be underestimated. Fortunately, most Varan live far away from Human settlements, and rarely come close.

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