Recapture the Castle

Requestor Lucy is looking for strong, brave warriors to rescue Robin, who is imprisoned inside Benwick, and defeat the Werewolf King Sadlei.

Completion Condition
Defeat Sadlei. 0/1
Report to: Lucy
Quest Reward
Varies based on player level.10 Tokens10 Guild EXP

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Accepting the Quest[edit | edit source]


Beautiful handwriting draws your attention to a post on the bulletin board; you take a closer look.


"This request? Um, are you sure you really want to take this one?" Mirabelle's stricken face drains of color. "Many brave warriors like you have accepted this quest, but none have ever come back."
"The location of this place is called Benwick. The requestor, Lucy, once lived there."
"One night, Werewolf King Sadlei attacked Benwick. Fortunately, the land's hero, Robin, helped Lucy to safety, but was himself imprisoned inside the castle by Sadlei."
"Since her escape, Lucy has been seeking brave warriors to go and rescue Robin, but no one has yet succeeded."
"I hope I've given you proper warning; this place is extremely dangerous. Everyone that has gone there so far has not returned. If you think you can handle the mission, then I urge you to help Lucy!"

In Progress[edit | edit source]


"T-terrible... What should I do? Oh, Robin...." Lucy, already agitated, breaks into a fresh wave of sobs.

Completing the Quest[edit | edit source]


"O-oh, um, great! I can barely believe this day has come!" Lucy looks at you with tears of joy.
"So many others have tried to rescue Robin, but they were either killed or they fled."
"But then you came, <Envoy>. That brave fool, Robin; I thought I'd never see him again."
"Most of the people in the castle have been killed by Sadlei, and the rest are missing, but I'm confident Robin and I can rebuild this place together."
"Thank you. I'm so happy to see Robin again!" Lucy continues to thank you between sobs of gratitude.

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