Rescue the Sprite

Make your way to the Sprite Altar, defeat the Demon and his minions, and rescue the Sprites.

Completion Condition
Defeat the demon and rescue the sprite. 0/1
Report to: <Younger Priestess> Sister Lola
Quest Reward
Varies based on player level.10 Tokens 10 Guild EXP

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Accepting the Quest[edit | edit source]


The messy handwriting of this request captures your attention. This was written in a dreadful hurry! The first sentence is a normal plea for help, but the rest...


"Ah, this is a very recent post!" Mirabelle reads the note over your shoulder.
"Let's see... the Sprite Altar has been taken over by some sort of evil. The sprites are going to be used as sacrifices for an evil ceremony. How dreadful!"
"If that dark ritual isn't stopped, it will corrupt the Sprite Altar! This could corrupt the entire world! It would be impossible to reverse or resist."
"The ritual is supposed to happen tonight! This quest simply can't wait for the next adventurer to stumble onto it. You look capable enough... You need to go now and save the world!"

In Progress[edit | edit source]

Sister Lola

"The Sprites use their magic to maintain the balance of the world. If evil corrupts them, that balance will vanish. I can't even think about what would happen then!"

Completing the Quest[edit | edit source]

Sister Lola

"We were entirely unprepared for the demons' last attack. The altar was taken so easily."
"Obviously, I need to improve the altar's defenses and work with my sister to defend the area. If we succeed tonight, something like this cannot happen again! To think that holy place could become an altar of evil!"

Shortcut Description[edit | edit source]

Evil has shrouded the Sprite Altar. You must defeat the Demon and save the Sprites before sinister power corrupts them!

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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