After the flash of the blade, all that remains are cherry blossoms in the air and slain enemies on the ground.

Those who wield the tachi have unparalleled Sword skills and observational skills so that they can calmly wait and watch for the enemy's flaw. It is in that moment, with a single strike that they claim victory. Through clashing blades with opponents, wielders of the Tachi are able to raise their soulblade and then unleash immeasurable power in the midst of battle; cutting down all obstacles and creating a path to victory.

A Ronin uses blade skills and observation to destroy enemies in a flash by striking their weaknesses. The unique skill of the Ronin drains the souls of enemies and collects them in the blade. Souls stored in the Tachi can be released in battle, destroying all that stands in their way.

Ronin is a melee class who wields the Tachi as their weapon of choice.


Soaring Flash The more agile you are, the more times you can get a hit in.
Attack Physical Level 1
Black Swallow A technique so accurate it can strike down the most agile of moving targets. Deal Storm DMG and increase CRIT rate.
Attack Storm Level 1
Soul Blade Release your blade's souls to increase your attack power while empowering you to use a Mastery skill.
Buff Assist Level 4
Soul Storm Guide your tachi in a flurry of shredding waves, dealing massive damage to enemies within range.
Attack Physical Level 4
Dark Spear Raid With the accuracy of a lashing snake, strike at your enemy's weak point, dealing Dark DMG to all targets in your path. This skill can be cast several times in rapid succession.
Attack Dark Level 8
Iaido Concentrate all of your power into one lethal focal point, and STRIKE! Destroy all targets in a linear path.
Attack Physical Level 13
Brilliant Dragon Flash Leap high in the air to slash at your targets from the sky like a dragon diving for a kill, burning enemies within the skill's range and stunning them.
Attack Fire Level 18
Dragon's Fury Slash so quickly, you'll lose count! Deal massive DMG and steal their HP to recover your own.
Attack Physical Level 24
Tale of Swords The souls trapped in your tachi squirm relentlessly; release their power, greatly increasing your party's CRIT and EVA.
Buff Assist Level 30

Combo systemEdit

Combo system-ronin

Ronin utilizes the soul system, which allows Ronin to use the skill Soul Storm and use it continuously until all souls are depleted. Souls can be obtained by using Ronin's attack skills: Soaring Flash, Black Swallow, Dark Spear Raid, Iaido, Brilliant Dragon Flash, and Dragon's Fury. When souls are obtained, Ronin can use the skill Soul Blade to activate Soul Storm for use.






A rōnin was a samurai without lord or master during the feudal period (1185–1868) of Japan. A samurai became masterless from the death or fall of his master, or after the loss of his master's favor or privilege.

Alternative NamesEdit

Server Name/Translation
Fantasy Frontier (Taiwanese / Hong Kong) 太刀
Fantasy Frontier (Chinese) 太刀
Innocent World (Japanese) 太刀 (Samurai Blade)
Aura Kingdom (Korean) 블레이드 (Blade)
Aura Kingdom (French) Tachi
Aura Kingdom (German) Samurai
Aura Kingdom (Spanish) Ronin


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