Santa Alice
Santa Alice-icon
Santa Alice
Tea Party Queen

Santa Alice
Eidolon Stats
1 Star Stats
A A Cplus Cplus Cplus Cplus

Santa Alice
Eidolon Stats
2 Star Stats
Aplus Aplus Bplus Cplus Cplus Cplus

Santa Alice
Eidolon Stats
3 Star Stats
Splus Splus Aplus Bplus Bplus Bplus

Santa Alice
Eidolon Stats
4 Star Stats

Base: 25 Max: 99
Star Buffs
1-starbuff Onslaught I DMG +8%
2-starbuff Ruthless Strike I CRIT DMG +20%
3-starbuff Onslaught II DMG +16%
4-starbuff Ruthless Strike II CRIT DMG +40%
After defeating the Queen of Hearts and saving Wonderland, Santa Alice started her journey in search of true strength, glory, and new friends. When she laid eyes on the Envoy of Gaia, she knew that she finally had found her perfect companion.

Santa Alice wields a cannon that deals incredible damage. Its massive blast can even stun enemies. The tea-filled bullets it can launch drench enemies with scalding tea and increase Holy DMG taken. Santa Alice is holding an extravagant Christmas tea party for her teammates. The desserts are exquisite and increase her teammates DMG.


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2 Star
3 Star
4 Star
"Master, Master! Alice heard something interesting. As Christmas gets closer, the stars start to gather power! All you have to do is pick one to wish on and your wish will come true."
"Alice has only ever had one wish... To be as strong as Master one day... Wouldn't that be great!?"
"Teehee... Alice's wish is to be with you forever."
"Yes, that's right! That's one of Alice's wishes!"


Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Santa Alice-aceinthehole Ace In The Hole Attack Light Santa Alice charges up her cannon and launches a devastating energy rocket at the enemy, blasting them to smithereens. Deals Holy damage and stuns the enemy.
Santa Alice-teatoss Tea Toss Attack Light Santa Alice lobs a scalding tea bomb with her cannon. The scalding liquid drenches her enemies, increasing the Holy DMG they receive.
Santa Alice-afternoonteaparty Afternoon Tea Party Buff Assist Nothing comes between Santa Alice and her cake! Her insatiable sweet tooth raises the damage dealt by her teammates. It's time for tea! Why don't you monsters just die already?!

Ultimate SkillsEdit

Icon Skill Name Type Property Description
Santa Alice-skill1
Deadly: Fruity-Kablewey Duelist,
Light Santa Alice tosses a teapot bomb full of fruit tea into the air. When wound up by the Envoy of Gaia, it triggers a huge blast. Decreases the enemy's received Holy DMG and DEF.
Santa Alice-skill2
Deadly: Too Hot To Handle Guardian,
Holy Sword,
Light Santa Alice and the Envoy of Gaia hurl a scalding hot teapot bomb at the enemy. The scalding tea deals massive damage to the enemy while inflicting the Burned effect and DPS.
Santa Alice-skill3
Deadly: English Cuppa Ravager,
Light Santa Alice tosses a teapot bomb full of Earl Grey into the air. When wound up by the Envoy of Gaia, it triggers a huge blast. This deals powerful DMG to the enemy, and the bomb-throwers absorb the enemy's HP to restore their own.

Eidolon's WishEdit

Santa Alice's Winter WonderlandEdit

  • Required item(s): Heart of Ice x20
  • Stat Bonus: CRIT +14, HP +44, EVA +16
"It's winter in Wonderland!"
"A thick blanket of snow covers everything in sight."
"It's as pretty as anywhere in Terra!"
"Is this a gift for little old me?"
"Oh, the snows here are just as beautiful as in Wonderland!"
"Master... You're the best!"

Santa Alice's Big SurpriseEdit

"Master, Christmas is coming soon!"
"I'd like to give Ches a secret Christmas Present!"
"You have to promise that you won't tell Ches about it."
"Hmm? Did you do this?"
"You're the best master ever!"
"Ches will love this, thank you for helping."

Santa Alice's Christmas Tea Party IEdit

"This is the first time I've hosted a tea party in the winter."
"Maybe I should invite Hansel and Gretel..."
"I wonder if Hansel would catch a cold..."
"Are these clothes for our guests?"
"That's great! I'll go invite Hansel!"
"Haha! I almost forgot about Gretel..."

Santa Alice's Christmas Tea Party IIEdit

"This is a great place for a tea party!"
"But it's missing some Christmas cheer..."
"Ches, let's do a makeover!"
"Phew, thanks to you and Ches,"
"the Christmas decorations are finally up!"

Santa Alice's Christmas Tea Party IIIEdit

"Every tea party has to have amazing desserts!"
"Since this is a Christmas tea party,"
"we should prepare festive desserts for the season!"
"Wow, those look so good!"
"Piping hot drinks and tasty food!"
"Let's dig in!"

Santa Alice's Christmas HeroEdit

"Master, does Santa Claus exist?"
"Will Santa Claus make it down the chimney at your house?"
"Will Ches and I get presents too?"
"Did you get these gifts for Ches and I?"
"Master... You're the best! Ches, Santa Claus really exists!"
"Hehe, Master is our Santa Claus!"

Eidolon ArchiveEdit

Following table displays archives which include this Eidolon.

Eidolons Stars Stat Bonuses
Santa Alice-icon Santa Lumikki-icon
Completestar Completestar
Completestar Completestar Completestar
Completestar Completestar Completestar Completestar
  • DMG +180, CRIT +80, Eidolon Accumulated Points +40
  • SPD +80, EVA +120
  • DMG Dealt to Boss Monsters +3%
  • DMG Dealt to Boss Monsters +6%
Santa Alice
"Lumikki, Lumikki! It's time to get ready for the Christmas Tea Party."
Santa Lumikki
"Wow, really? It's Alice! Her outfit is sure to surprise everyone."
Cheshire Cat
"Teehee... If Hansel sees her... Alice will be so embarrassed!"
Santa Alice
"Ches... You're not making any sense..."
Santa Lumikki
"Yes? I don't know what Alice and the Cheshire Cat are talking about... But Lumikki is definitely excited to play with the wolf and lamb."
Santa Alice
"Let's go. Hansel and Gretel are waiting for us!"
Santa Alice-icon Santa-Ayako-icon Santa-Tyr-icon
Completestar Completestar
Completestar Completestar Completestar
Completestar Completestar Completestar Completestar
  • SPD +120, EVA +180, Eidolon Accumulated Points +60
  • DMG +270, CRIT +120, HP +450, DEF +60
  • DMG Dealt to Players +9%
  • DMG Dealt to Players +18%
Santa Alice
"Alice's Christmas Tea Party is about to start! Have a seat!"
Santa Ayako
"Wow! Smells so good, and soooo much food!"
Santa Tyr
"Ayako! You skipped out on your training just because the food smells so good?"
Santa Alice
"Oh! Here come Ayako and Tyr! I've made plenty of refreshments! Let's have a cozy chat over afternoon-tea!"
Santa Ayako
"Well, well, well. Refreshments are pretty good, but there's not a trace of meat here, I'm afraid."
Santa Tyr
"The purpose of an afternoon tea is for friends to catch up while having tea and a moderate amount of snacks."
Santa Ayako
"Ohh... I'm a bit disappointed about missing the meat, but nothing can keep me away from the other tasty stuff Alice made!"
Santa Alice
"Hehe... Of course I've made meat dishes, too! Just be patient and wait for the Christmas Party tonight! There'll be lots of Roast Chickens and snacks for everyone!"
Santa Ayako
"Wow! I can't wait to eat all day long nonstop!"
Santa Tyr
"Ohhh... alright, go do all your eating and then we'll restart training."


  • Christmas Alice was first released in the game files of the Chinese version.

Alternative NamesEdit

Server Name/Translation
Fantasy Frontier (Taiwanese) 聖誕愛麗絲 (Christmas Alice)
Aura Kingdom (French) Santa Alice


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